My first time after 20 years….

ImageImageThe time spent in my country, Dominican Republic is amazing every single time that I go there. It took me over 20 years to go back. I took my husband for the first time to this beautiful country and he loved it. To the point that every year he wants to go there and learn new things about its beauty. This time we visited about 5 different towns. We went to: Juan Dolio, La Romana, San Pedro de Macoris, Santo Domingo, and Santiago. The smell was something completely different from what it is here in the Miami. I saw how important it was to have love for family and nature, than to have love for excessive work, and all these materialistic things that at the end are meaningless.

What you take with you are the memories that you obtain throughout life with the people that you love and love you back.

The mountains on our way to Santiago was something that my husband had never seen before. The smell of all the greenery and dirt was something that is indescribable. A trip that normally takes 6 hrs took about 7.5 hours due to the pictures that he had to take. The road that was used was beside the mountain and any little mistake can be your last in a sense. The pictures that were taken were like postcards. Nothing that he had ever seen before. I had forgotten the beauty, smell and how it was being there.

When we were driving one thing that stood out were the amount of houses that were built-in the side of these mountains. For instance, a real bad storm can pass by and these people will be down the mountain in a heart beat. I mean, they were used to climbing this wonderous pieces of nature. Little kids were up & down the slopes. Cars passing by and the fear was “What if a car hits them?” but to them, it was everyday life.

What lesson can I take from this?¬†What can I learn from all these people who have nothing but yet have it all? I live in a country that is rich, we have opportunities to get anything and everything that our heart desires if we are willing to work for it. I can see these people and they have set backs and they all look so happy and carefree. Yes, they wish for better things in life, but who doesn’t? All in all, they are HAPPY! And I, here in this country have nothing but gratitude, I feel obliged that I had the opportunity to learn this lesson as early in life as I did.

Thank you my beautiful Dominican people.